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Oil country tubular goods - OCTG

  • Casing pipes
  • Pump tubing
  • Line pipes
  • Accessories


Hot-rolled seamless steel pipes according to the API Spec. 7, API Spec. 5 CT, API Spec. 5 D and API Spec. 5 L standards.

Pipes and connecting sleeves are made of materials according to API:

  • Grades J, K, N, L, C, P, E, X, G, E 75, G 105.


Pipes are supplied in the following lengths – RANGE 1, 2, 3.

Thread types – STC, LTC, BTC.

Gas-tight coupling types:

  • VAM, NEW VAM, VAGT, Techniseal, Tenaris.


Pipe end types – NUE, EUE, IUE

Pipe surface, thread protection, marking, revision, testing and acceptance are defined by delivery instructions according to the API standards.


Casing pipes

Pipes put into recently drilled part of a borehole, serving as its lining.?


Pump tubing

Tubing enables to pump oil, gas and geothermal water.

Line Pipes

Tubing enables to distribute oil, gas and geothermal water.


  • Crossovers                 
  • Packers